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Академічна гімназія
– то історичний пам’ятник Львова,
і бути її учнем чи виховником – це висока історична відзнака

Йосип Сліпий

Founded by the Royal Decree of the Emperor of Austro-Hungary Joseph II from October 24, 1784 the first gymnasium received its name “Academic” as a component of the University of Lviv (Academy). It was the first modern secondary school of classical type in Ukraine, the first school in which Ukrainian was used as the language of teaching (until 1849 it was Latin, later–German and since 1874–Ukrainian in all classes).

Such outstanding pedagogues and public figures as professors V. Ilnyts'kyi (the first headmaster), I. Bobers'kyi, A. Vakhnianyn,M. Halushyns'kyi, I. Zelins'kyi, I.Kokorudz, F.Kolessa,O.Ohonovs'kyi,O. Stepaniv-Dashkevych, S. Shakh, Doctor of Philology M. Sabat, Doctor of Law D. Lukiianovych and others lectured in the gymnasium at different times.

In the 1920s-30s illegal youth groups of the Ukrainian Nationalists military organization were organized in the gymnasium. Senior pupils participated actively in their work. Most of the senior pupils were also members of the Ukrainian
Scout Youth Organization called “Plast”.

Remaining a state school under all colonial administrations, the firstborn of the national schooling of the oppressed people was able to bring up a lot of honest, wise and courageous citizens not only for their Motherland but for the entire world as well. They were the citizens who put their knowledge and talent as well as their lives into the foundation of the desired freedom.
Among the pupils of the gymnasium we can name he pioneer of the national cultural renaissance . Ustyianovych, Prof. O. Ohonovs'kyi, academician M. Vozniak and composer S. Liudkevych, colonelY. Konovalets' and general Roman Shukhevych-
Chuprynka, Metropolite V. Sterniuk, academician I. Krypiakevych, writers O. Makovei, Yu. Opils'kyi, V. Schurat, a famous doctor P. Tsymbalistyi, slavist I. Sventsits'kyi and also A. Kurdydyk, R. Sushko, V. K chabs'kyi,M.Korduba andmany others.

In 1944 Academic Gymnasium was reorganized into a comprehensive secondary school.
Academic Gymnasium was brought to life again with the revival of Ukrainian state in 1992.
The first final examinations (“matura”) took place in 1878. 120 years later, in 1998, the revived Lviv Academic Gymnasium turned out its first “maturants” (school-leavers).
The main aim of the gymnasium nowadays is developing the traditions of the Academic Gymnasium, implementing new ideas, methods and teaching techniques according the requirements of the modern life.
According to its statutes Lviv Academic Gymnasium is a comprehensive secondary school for gifted pupils, the school which provides them with profound knowledge of Ukrainian, Maths, English and other subjects and also develops their skills and talents.

Our pupils take an active part in all kinds of Olympiads, scientific conferences, tournaments as well as different contests and competitions and usually get good results.

The School Parliament which solves most of pupils' problems also issues a school newspaper “TheWorld of the Gymnasium” which became the winner of the
competition “The Sharp Nib” in the Lviv Oblast'.

Different sports clubs and art circles also make their contribution to developing pupils' talents.
Many of our pupils are members of the scout organization “Plast” which encourages them to participate in social and charity work at different levels.

Like any modern school Lviv Academic Gymnasium takes an active part in different international projects. We have close relations with the Real Gymnasium of Vienna and theGymnasium of Kolobgeg (Poland). Our pupils have an opportunity to participate in a Swiss-Ukrainian project “Children the Leaders of Europe” as well as in the international project “Inter-Cambio” which involves schools from Ukraine, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands.
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